FPGA mac

A New Mexico-based center and consortium to promote successful application of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in aerospace, defense, and commercial systems.

Key Services

  • Research and Development to include work on reliability as well as tool and library development with particular emphasis on space systems but with the capability of solving more general problems.
  • Education from the postgraduate level down to K-12
  • Customer service to work with outside entities, ensuring their success at design and implementation of reconfigurable logic designs


  • Ensuring success of FPGA projects, particularly those undertaken by the government.  This includes ensuring that proper hardware and design flow capabilities exist to ensure the use of FPGAs in space. It also includes consulting, and referrals to prevent failed, delayed or problematic design activities
  • Substantial New Mexico business growth.  COSMIAC can seize an important opportunity to bring high-tech industries with high-paying jobs through brokered collaboration and available skilled engineers
  • Steady Flow of Competent Designers into the Workplace. COSMIAC will focus its efforts on education at the graduate and undergraduate levels to ensure highly skilled workers are available in this growth area. Furthermore, K-12 programs will focus on stimulating and raising the necessary talent to enter into high-quality university studies
  • Perfecting a design flow for complete systems. COSMIAC will continuously investigate the best technical and management practices to ensure success of complete system designs, in addition to the designs of the FPGA components
  • Software Testing Services: Benefits of Dedicated Team Model

First, the SIRF program seeks to create radiation-hardened FPGAs that can survive for long periods of time in the high radiation environments of space.  Second, this consortium joined Academe (the University of New Mexico) and a major FPGA maker (Xilinx Corp) to form the FPGA Mission Assurance Center (FMAC).

 The FMAC serves as a broker among the group for shared R&D as well as a means of providing service to customers throughout government and industry with a keen interest on their success.